Solo Hacker winning project for PeddieHacks 2021

Aaron Zhou and The CryptoSub Sentiment Analyzer

PeddieHacks 2021 is a 48 hour online hackathon hosted by the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey.

The event which commenced on August 20th to 21st 2021 was open to all high school and college graduates. Together these brave and exceptional students came together to show off their skills in hacking and bringing wonderful ideas to life very quickly.

Naturally, GAR is actively involved in many hackathons around the country and has been actively sponsoring hackathons (and schools!) since 2019. This year has been the second year GAR has been involved with PeddieHacks and we decided to provide the infamous Colossus Starter Kit for Arduino to the winner of the Solo Hacker category.

Introducing the Solo Hacker winner..... Han Solo!

Han Solo Hacker

Just kidding, this guy is much better than Han Solo. Introducing Aaron Zhou, a college student from Canada (we love the Canadians eh!) with his winning project - The CryptoSub Sentiment Analyzer.

We want to thank Aaron for his generosity in letting us share a little bit about his winning project on the GAR blog.


Below are the creators words explaining the nature of his project:

It's basically a stock subreddit sentiment analyzer that also compares the sentiment with the stock's price in order to find an overall "accuracy" for the subreddit. 

For instance r/Bitcoin's sentiment would be compared with USD-BTC's value. Sentiment over time is multiplied by the stock's change per day over time in order to come up with r/Bitcoin's accuracy score (e.g. if the subreddit is happy and stock is up, that's positive accuracy; if the subreddit is sad and stock is down, that's positive accuracy; if the subreddit is happy and stock is down, that's negative accuracy).

The idea is basically to track the reliability of subreddits since it can be difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate altcoin and a widely proliferated/supported scam nowadays (Dogecoin etc.).

You should be able to run it yourself by downloading it from Github and following the directions:, although there might be a couple of dependency problems depending on how your Python libraries are set up. If you have pip you should just be able to "pip install" any dependencies that aren't there. Currently the app only supports r/Bitcoin, r/BTC, r/litecoin, r/DogeCoin, and r/ethereum but you can add more by editing and adding a subreddit and its corresponding stock to the subdict dictionary variable + the sub select box variable.

GAR is extremely proud to support exceptional designers and hackers like Aaron and will continue to dedicate resources to supporting future leaders in technology. With tremendous effort and dedication, together we can help develop leaders of the future that are well versed in technology.

Congratulations Aaron! Keep up the good work and we trust the Colossus Kit is in great hands.

Please note that this project is not meant to be used in any way as investment advice in Cryptocurrencies.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself - Henry Ford.


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