Advancing robotics - Donating a Monster Arduino Kit every week for your school/club/robotics team/family

To support our mission of advancing development of United States robotics technology, we are proudly giving one Monster Kit per week to any institution in need.

If you part of a robotics or science club, maker space, school, STEM program, first robotics team or even a homeschool family...any kind of institution that will benefit from having a Monster Kit, please contact us to arrange for a free kit from the GAR Foundation.

There are no strings attached -  just tell your friends about it.

All you have to do is fill up this form below and send it to


Name of school/institution/club:
Project name(what is the kit going to be used for):
Name of receiver/person in charge (preferably instructor):
Address for shipment (school address):
Contact number:
Contact email:
Once you receive the kit, all we ask is for your to send us a few pictures and describe how the kit is helping your team.
We can only send out one kit per week so please be patient but do not worry, your Monster will arrive.
Since the launch of this program in late 2019, we are extremely super proud to have helped the institutions below:
KIPP Adalante Preparatory Academy - San Diego
KIPP Los Angeles
Visions of Science - Toronto, Canada
River Hill High School Makerspace in Maryland
Carnegie Vanguard High School Computer Science Club in Texas.
Sonoran Schools Inc. in Arizona
Alhambra High School, USC Division
Goodwin College, East Hartford, Connecticut
Ridge High School - Ridgehacks 2020
California Institute of Mathematics & Science
McMichael STEM Program, McMichael High School in North Carolina
Wapato High School Robotics & Engineering Club in Washington
Somerville High School FRC Team -  Team 102 The GearHeads
Warwick Robotics New York - First Tech Challenge
Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School
Santa Cruz High School
Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School
Cape Coral High School
Leon Engineering
Palo Alto Downtown Child Center
California State University
Rajendra Family Automation & Learning
Nicholas Carr - allowing disabled people to fly drones
Merced Adult School, Connecticut
Owens Family 
Callahan Family/Union Street Charter
Tuttle Family 
Driver Family 
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
Lloyd Family - homeschooling kids
Mosley Family/Club Scout Pack
Wilson Homeschool Academy
McKenzie Family
Dr. Ted Uyeno
Middleton Family
Hudson Family
Camillus Robotics Club
Dan Hoover, Arduino Facebook Group
The Marvel Family
The Yarbrough Family
Robert H. Goddard High School
Long Beach Washington Middle School
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Rutgers University School of Engineering
Austin Peay State University
Castillo Family
LANDON JACOBS Youtube Channel
Austin Elementary School
Camp HSR robotics project
Houser Family
Day Spring Academy
Homeschool Armeau
PeddieHacks Hackathon 2021
Kattimani Robotics
Roaring Fork Academy
Waldrip Family
Gonzalez Family
Russo Family
Din Homeschool, New Harvest Co-Op
Beyond Code Hackathon
Cox Family
Dario Castelluccio
Todd Giles
Onehacks Hackathon
Cathedral Community School
BU Hack India
University of Alabama Robotics
Robert C. Byrd High School
McDonald Family
University of Utah, Learning Through Robotics
Hudson Family
Wichita State University Robotics
Manoj Tripathi Family
Holton Public Schools Robotics
Rowan University, Mechanical Eng. Dept.
Lakeland Community College
Green Charter School
Bostic/Shade Families
Ficken Family Classical Homeschool
Punta Cana International School
Please contact us if you are interested.
The Monster Kit offers a wide variety of Arduino components that can be very useful for your projects and learning.
Do not worry...the Monster and GAR is here to support you - just like the Titan below!
Robotics Automation Mech
Here is a parts list for the Monster.
Arduino-compatible NANO V3
Arduino-compatible UNO R3
Arduino-compatible MEGA 2560

ESP32 WiFi + Bluetooth Development Board 
ESP8266 NodeMCU
HC-05 Bluetooth Module 
ESP8266 Wifi Module
W5100 Ethernet Shield
2x NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module
RC522 RFID Kit
IR Remote Kit
UNO R3 Protoshield
4x4 Membrane Keypad 
1602 LCD w/ i2C Backpack
Ultrasonic Range Sensor
Sound Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor
Impact Switch Switch Sensor
Photo Interrupter Sensor
GY68 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Line Tracking Sensor
IR Flame Sensor
Hall Effect Sensor
DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor 
Vibration Sensor
IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
MQ3 Alcohol Sensor
MQ9 Combustible Gas Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Rain Level Sensor
GY521 3-Axis Gyro & Accelerometer Module
ISD1820 Voice Recording Module
DS3231 Real Time Clock Module
Rotary Encoder Module
Laser Diode Module
1 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Display
5V DC Hobby Motor
5g Servo
5V DC Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver
9V 1A Power Supply
5V 1-Channel Relay Module
USB Charger Doctor
Piezo Buzzer
700-Point Breadboard
PS2 Joystick
Shift Register
L239D Motor Driver
NPN Transistor
9V Battery Connector
4G USB Storage
2x Photoresistor
2x Ceramic Disk Capacitor
1N4004 Diode
30x Resistor (100R, 220R, 1K, 4.7K, 10K, 47K,100K,1M) 
3x LED White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue 
6x Breadboard Button
2x Potentiometer (10K, 100K) 
2x 3-Pin Slider Switch
2x 40-Pin Male Header
40x Female-Male Jumper Wires
40x Male-Male Jumper Wires
40x Female-Female Jumper Wires
If you would like to support us in giving more Monsters to more schools and students, we welcome your help.
There are many schools and students who are eager to learn robotics but do not have ample resources to do so. We can all make a difference and help each other.
Lets move forward together.


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  • Hello! I came across this on your website. I am not sure how you can afford to give away a robotics kit every week! I am really hoping this is true!!! I am going to send my info to you anyhow and hope for the best!
    Name of school/institution/club: Beca Lloyd Wood, Camillus Robotics Club
    Project name(what is the kit going to be used for): our Robotics club only has small kits, this will definitely be put to use!
    Name of receiver/person in charge (preferably instructor):Beca Lloyd Wood
    Address for shipment (school address): 4 Huntington Lane,
    Camillus, NY 13031
    Contact number:315-677-1031
    Contact email:
    Thank you sincerely!
    Beca Lloyd Wood

    Beca Lloyd Wood

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