PIR Motion Sensor for Arduino HC-SR501

PIR Motion Sensor for Arduino HC-SR501

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The PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501 for Arduino is a highly sensitive sensor that can detect motion within a certain range. It is compatible with the Arduino microcontroller and can be easily integrated into a wide variety of projects.

Technical specs:

  • Detection range: up to 7 meters
  • Detection angle: 110 degree
  • Output: Digital (3.3V or 5V)
  • Power supply voltage: 4.5V-20V
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 42mm x 22mm

Pin connections:

  • VCC: Connect to power supply voltage (4.5V-20V)
  • GND: Connect to ground
  • OUT: Connect to digital pin on Arduino
  • ADJ: Connect to a resistor to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor

This PIR sensor is great for projects such as security systems, automatic lighting control, and occupancy sensing. It's easy to use, small in size and low power consumption makes it ideal for use in remote or mobile applications. The built-in delay time feature allows you to control the length of time that the output remains high after motion is detected. The PIR sensor can be powered using a battery or using external power supply, making it a versatile and reliable sensor for a wide range of applications.