ISD1820 Voice Recording Module

ISD1820 Voice Recording Module

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The ISD1820 Voice Recording Module for Arduino is a high-performance voice recording and playback device that is compatible with the Arduino microcontroller. It is designed to provide an easy way to record and play back audio for a wide variety of projects.

Technical specs:

  • Operating voltage: 3V-5V
  • Recording time: 10s-60s (depends on the capacity of the connected flash chip)
  • Sampling rate: 6.4kHz
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 24mm x 15mm

Pin connections:

  • VCC: Connect to power supply voltage (3V-5V)
  • GND: Connect to ground
  • PTT: Connect to digital pin on Arduino
  • PLAY: Connect to digital pin on Arduino
  • ERASE: Connect to digital pin on Arduino (optional)
  • MIC: Connect to microphone
  • SPK: Connect to speaker

This ISD1820 Voice Recording Module is a great choice for projects such as voice-controlled devices, voice prompts for interactive projects and audio recorders. It can record and play back audio, and it only requires 3 digital pins from the Arduino to control the recording and playback. The module can be powered using a battery or using external power supply. It is also equipped with a flash chip that stores the recorded audio, and the capacity of the flash chip determines the recording time. It is a reliable device that can be used to record and play back audio, making it a versatile device for a wide range of musical applications.