Your Android has a new competitor and its only costs $1999

Your Android on steroids.

These days you can get your very own autonomous personal AI assistant for only $1999.

Temi can follow you around the house, obey your commands, connect you to loved ones and manage your favorite web services. Temi hears, speaks, sees all while learning to best serve you and cater to your personally just like a human personal assistant.

With Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, Temi will be able to identify its owner and non owners and obey commands which it has been programmed to do. It will only display things you want and respond in the way you want it to.

Temi has 2 CPUs that are based on the ARM architecture. CPU1 is a ARM Quad Core for human interaction and the system is based on haha …Android. The ARM platform is also used in NVIDIA Tegra and Samsung Exynos, Systems on Chips. 

The second CPU is a ARM Hexa Core and is used for navigation bringing high performance and efficient power consumption. Temi can work for up to 8 hours on one charge of the Lithium ion cells. That’s not bad for a robot that can move up to 1 meter per second while streaming a call from your Aunt. You can also hand off your phone to Temi for wireless charging and Temi will kindly hand the phone back to you once its charged.

Temi also comes with a host of built in apps that give it more of a personal touch like AI assistant, making video calls, personal DJ and photographer, all while operating as a smart home and entertainment hub. While weighing only 26 lbs, Temi is 3 ft tall and has autonomous face tracking so you can train it to follow you and only you around.

Temi is a product of the company called Roboteam who is a global provider for tactical ground robots. For a make of robots, the company did not want Temi to be called a robot. They wanted it to be more of a walking tablet and video chat machine connecting you to anyone and all your favorite apps. Temi is more like a telepresence robot assistant feeding important information while replaying your speech to other people. In the long term, Temi will be opened up to developers to make their own apps and go crazy with the android system.

Roboteam CEO Yossi Wolf thinks that the technology is not there yet for AI to be human companions. We can use AI to help us and have a better relationship with robots and use robots to be the center of our interactions. This can improve productivity and connect humans in a more direct way but it cannot yet replace and actual human interaction or even the love you have with your dog.

You can order a Temi now and it will be delivered in June 2019. If you don’t like your Temi, you can get a refund and stick with your Samsung or Alexa. You can also get another special type of personal robot and build your own Monster.

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