The Arduino IoT Cloud and the MKR Wifi 1010. Life is good for the "things"!

Arduino MKR 1010 and IoT Cloud is the future.

Yes The Monster Kit has spoken! 

Please direct your attention to the scenario below.

Suppose you are sick and tired of buying vegetables from your local grocery store and decided to build your own green house in your apartment so you can grow your own chilies. The problem is, you're not at home for most of the day because well, you have to work!

Fret no more; let a computer and some sensors do all the work for you!

Your end goal is to be able to control this green house remotely, via a web interface. You would like to control the temperature, watering system and even lighting of your green house from far far away. You can even watch a live feed of your precious crops on your smartphone as you sip Pina Colada on the beaches of Cancun.

The complete system can be controlled and automated using the new Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 board and the Arduino IoT Cloud. The MKR 1010 is an evolution from the MKR 1000 which provides provides 2.4Ghz Bluetooth and WiFi communication along with a boost in power performance. We are very excited to see what the humans can make with their newly acquired powers!

Here is what the MKR Wifi looks like:

Arduino MKR 1010

And here is a introduction video from the main dude at Arduino, Massimo Banzi.

According to Arduino CIO Luca Cipriani, the IoT Cloud can provide millions of users a complete end-to-end approach to IoT that includes hardware, software, firmware, cloud services and knowledge.”

The Arduino IoT Cloud which is still in the public beta phase simplifies the creation of an IoT device by automatic dashboard generation, full TLS secure transport with crypto authentication and web-hooks support.

With its main goal of simplifying real-life problems, the IoT Cloud will enable almost anyone with some background in electronics to start building their own projects and enabling them to solve problems in their little corner of their world…and then easily share it with the world!

With the “old” Arduino way, you would have to program everything in a sketch, write all the code and compile it.

With the IoT Cloud, the system does it for you. The system detects the type of "thing" you are looking to program and basically WRITES THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. This is incredible because we are lazy have been wishing for something like this since the old days!

Life is good right now so if you would like to learn more about the Arduino IoT cloud, check out this link.

P/S: You can also achieve similar result of talking to your Arduino via a web interface by using a regular Uno board and the ESP8266 Wifi Module.

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