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GAR Inspired: Check Out These 5 Innovative Hackathon Projects

These projects are winning projects in various hackathon event and the creators of the winning projects received a Monster Kit.

The projects below range from fitness platforms and accident prevention systems to scientific exploration and pet health monitoring, these innovative creations will ignite your curiosity and spark your imagination.


Winner of best Solo Hacker award at PeddieHacks 2022. Out of New Jersey USA, Baker Mrad creates a platform to help keep you strong.

GlobalElite is a fitness platform designed to inspire and guide individuals on their fitness journey. With access to workout routines, exercises, and valuable tips, users can overcome the fear and lack of knowledge that prevents many from embarking on a fitness journey.


The project incorporates a recommendation system that suggests similar exercises based on equipment or target muscle. Built using React and ExerciseDB API, it provides a user-friendly interface. This experience has expanded our understanding of fitness and React capabilities. Moving forward, our aim is to create a mobile version where users can share their exercise routines, fostering collaboration and advancements in the fitness industry.


Winner of Best Hardware Hack at MesoHacks 2022. Aman from India is part of the solution to reduce accidents and keep drivers safe.

AccidentNot is a interesting solution to prevent accidents on highways and expressways. By alerting drivers and enhancing external sounds blocked by car vibrations and music, AccidentNOT aims to help ensure road safety.

With AccidentNOT, drivers receive alerts when a second vehicle honks, reducing lane cutting incidents. By reducing distractions caused by loud music, it helps mitigate driver errors. This low-cost system can be easily installed in any vehicle, leveraging motion sensors and Arduino or NodeMCU compatibility.

Despite some challenges finding sensors in a short timeframe and the NodeMCU board burning out due to excess power supply, the creators were able to come up with a promising prototype.


Winner of Best High School Hack at TreasureHacks 3.0. Alexandra Kim from California USA inspires science literacy, curiosity and creativity.

Scispire is an innovative platform that aims to inspire scientific exploration. With thousands of GPT-generated research ideas, Scispire engages the next generation of scientists and innovators with STEM-related topics. It addresses the need for scientific literacy, providing intriguing project ideas across disciplines.  "Scispire" combines "science" and "inspire" in a unique endeavor to ignite curiosity.

Built using GPT Playground, HTML, JS, and CSS, Scispire offers a user-friendly experience. The creator never worked with JS, HTML, or CSS before which lead to some development challenges, but she nevertheless managed to pull of a clean and minimal design.

Future plans include tags for customized project ideas in specific fields.

Roadmap Runner

Winner of Best Duo Hack and Most Aesthetically Pleasing Project at TreasureHacks 3.0. Kedar and Siddhi from India brings us a platform to help navigate the exciting world of learning code.

Roadmap Runner is an app designed to simplify the software development learning process. Addressing common challenges faced by learners, it provides expert-created roadmaps, progress tracking, consistency analysis, a leaderboard, and social sharing capabilities.

Built with React JS for a responsive UI, and powered by Node JS, Express JS, and MongoDB, Roadmap Runner offers a comprehensive solution for efficient learning. 

Despite time constraints and a fast-paced environment, the team successfully delivered a user-friendly app. Plans for the future include expanding roadmaps, enhancing data analytics, fostering community interaction, and introducing challenges and badges for increased engagement. Roadmap Runner aims to make software development learning enjoyable and effective.

Pet Guide

Winner of the Hackware Hack at Hack the Woodz 2022. Samuel Adesola from Canada found a way to monitor your pets health remotely.

Pet Guide is a groundbreaking solution for remote pet health monitoring and location tracking. This IoT-based collar offers peace of mind, enabling pet owners to monitor their furry friends' well-being and quickly locate them in emergencies.

Developed using a NodeMCU microcontroller, V.KEL GPS module, and DHT11 sensor, Pet Guide sends data to the Microsoft Azure IoT Central platform for seamless monitoring. The IoT board is NodeMCU, and the software is written in C++ using the Arduino IDE.

Despite facing numerous challenges, such as C++ integration with Azure, internet connectivity issues, and weather-dependent GPS accuracy, the team managed to come up with a working prototype. Going forward, they hope to build an actual device that could potentially become commercially viable.


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