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Industrial Wall Painting Robot - MYRO

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Interior painting can be messy, time-consuming, and frustrating, particularly in large spaces. Now, an innovative robotics company thinks that they’ve produced the answer:

MYRO - the world’s first intelligent paint robot for the construction industry. 

This innovative little worker made its debut at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai late last year. It’s produced by a Indian-based company working to develop and distribute Robotics Products and Automation Solutions for the construction, painting, and coating sectors. The company Eternal Robotics is also responsible for the design of MYRO and also some other fascinating robots and tech.

But, how does it work? What does it do? And how will it make life for the humans easier? Let’s find out.

Indoors and some outdoors, wall-wall painting robot

Simply put, MYRO is an indoor paint robot designed to paint bare spaces in a quick, efficient, and safe manner. While not completely autonomous, it takes simple commands from an iPad and can execute a work order based on a floor plan.

At 6.2ft x 2.3ft x 2.3ft and weighing just under 150kg, MYRO is not exactly a household appliance. Its primary target market is large companies in the construction, interior design, or remodeling industries that want to optimize their operations.


How does it work? What technology does it use?

MYRO takes its commands from an iPad-based app. Basically, you only need to draw up a floor plan and set a work schedule, and then MYRO can autonomously paint the space.

When it’s time to get to work, the MYRO will scan its surroundings before getting started using its various cameras and sensors. Its high-speed actuation means that this initial scanning process is rapid, only taking a few seconds.

The MYRO will then methodically start spray painting the space, one wall at a time. It uses those same scanners and a high-precision paint spray system to work in vertical lines. So, it will spray paint a line, move to the right/left, spray another line, and so on. Using an extending arm, it can reach much higher than the standard height of the machine (up to 3.1m).

Once it detects a corner, the MYRO will rotate by itself and repeat the process along the direction of the new wall. It can even see windows, gaps, doors, and other non-paintable areas from the floor plan and skip them entirely. Proximity sensors will also help it avoid collisions.

At its top speed, it can paint surfaces at 40 sqft/min. And it uses machine learning to improve its performance continuously.

Lets digress for a moment and rebel with some graffiti robots.

Introducing The Style Machine - please use responsibly..


Here's another wall graffiti robot that can paint walls up to 300ft tall using spray cans. Introducing Sprayprinter..

Ok back to MYRO..


Mosty industrial solutions..for now..

The MYRO will mostly be useful in situations where a lot of surface area needs to be painted a single color. This makes it ideal for the construction industry. Once a bare room is completed, the MYRO can pretty much navigate and finish the job of painting the walls a consistent color entirely by itself.

What are the benefits of using MYRO?

MYRO aims to help eliminate time-consuming menial work that can also be dangerous under certain conditions.

 However, it also has several other benefits, according to its creators:

  • Accountability through self-monitoring and real-time data logging.
  • Completes work quicker thanks to a high-performance precision paint sprayer.
  • It Saves paint and other materials and tools used in the process.
  • It is safe to operate thanks to its sensors and autonomy.
  • The MYRO is more consistent than human labor.
  • MYRO is versatile and can work with nearly any paint or on almost any type of flooring.

Hope you enjoyed the robot painters. Till next time... 

"In 30 years, a robot will most likely be on the cover of magazines as the best CEO" - Jack Ma

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  • I would like to learn more and how it complys with Florida law and if I can do it without a painting license

    Edward Blackburn
  • First question is
    can do the ceilings?
    Second question is
    What’s the price tag?
    Can i buy it in california USA?

  • can it do ceilings?

    Rod Rodriguez

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