VR with Arduino, a WiFi 4-wheel robot and Bluetooth enabled home brewer.

Going into the future, Arduino can be a very useful and powerful platform for building ideas and exploring concepts that interest you in electronics and robotics.

Here are a few really cool projects people have built with their Arduino systems.

DIY VR Racing Motion Simulator.

Recently, some really smart people built a DIY VR Motion Simulator with Arduino! If you're a gamer and Arduino connoisseur, this project will really get your juices going. 

The Arduino system is connected to a couple 24V electric motors and some automotive tie rods. They also placed the sub woofer right behind the driver for that extra bass-boosted racing effect. The Monster tips its hat to these guys.

The Badland Brawler.

Next up is a bad ass Off Road 4-Wheel Drive Robot, The Badland Brawler. This is a great way to combine you RC knowledge and Arduino. 

This robot is very well designed and has off-road gripper tires and a durable chassis to protect important Arduino parts inside. The robot is WiFi connected so you can control it from anywhere using an android smartphone or laptop. You can learn how to build such a robot at the builders website

Brew|LOGIC Bluetooth Enabled Arduino Brewing Controller.

Do you like brewing your own beer? Well you're in luck today!

Check out this Arduino with bluetooth powered home beer brewer by Brew|LOGIC.


Someone really loves their beer.. and their Arduino and decided to combine the two. According to the builder, they used an Arduino Uno (or clone), HC-05 Bluetooth device, 2-channel relays, resistors and much more. He also salvaged an old power bank for the enclosing. We would be honored to have a drink with this home brewer!

As you can see, Arduino can be used with a wide range of ideas which presents the opportunity  for anyone to combine their passion with Arduino. The sky is the limit so what are you waiting for!

Happy tinkering!

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