The Mecha vision and E-sports

Our vision is to build Mechas.

The future is wirelessly piloted robots fighting in gladiator rings filmed by drones.

Even our good friend Elon has signaled that its time to build Mechas.

Here is some eye candy for the robot fanatics.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!


Method 2 

Method 2 - Project Mirae 

1.6 ton Megabot from South Korea built by Hankook Mirae Technology.

Giant Gundam - MONONOFUN


Hear the footsteps on the ground as it walks and notice how it looks at you even when its torso is turned. Hehe..


Bumblebee Driveable Transformer

BMW Transformer


MCCUBIN Optimus Prime – Full Size

Stillwater OK, the only town in America protected by two giant transformers.

transformer oklahoma


Unicorn Gundam Statue

Gundam Statue

Giant 60 ft Gundam Statue in Odaiba Japan.

The Wired Mech

The Wired Mech

The wired 400 lb Mecha debut at the San Diego Comic Con.

Monkey King

Monkey King Robot

Chinese made Monkey King gladiator robot.

Mega Bot MKII

 Mega Bot MK II

The Megabots Eagle Prime was put on sale on eBay and the winning bid was $170,000. 



Les Machine - Nantes

Les Machine

Giant elephant. The company Les Machines also have other giant creatures.

Titanfall - Vanguard

Titanfall Vanguard

This is Vanguard from the game Titanfall 2. The Mech is your friend, savior and will even give its life to save yours.

And as they say, life is always better with a Titan.

We leave you with a clip of Iron Man & Gundam vs Mechagodzilla.

 Stay dreaming my friends...


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