Robots that can bench press more than you

Robot 1: How much you lift brah?

Robot 2: 2000 lbs.

Robot 1: Not bad.

Enryu T-52 Rescue Robot

T-52 Enryu is a Japanese Hyper Rescue heavy duty robot developed for use in natural or man-made disaster zones. The robot was built for clearing paths and lift heavy objects for rescue missions. T-52 is capable of lifting 1 ton with both arms and runs on diesel.  Due to recent back to back natural disasters in Japan, the T-52 was deployed and tested to help with some of the relief and rescue efforts.

Some quick specs:

Builder: TSMUK Co. Ltd 

Width: 2.4 m (7.9 ft)

Weight: 5 tons

Power Plant: Diesel Engine

Lift Capability: 1 ton (2000 lbs)

Operation Modes: Remote Mode (450ft) and Operator In-Robot Mode

T-52 Academic lecture meeting paper.


The mechs we intend to build will also be helping with reconstruction and disaster relief efforts in hazardous areas. The mechs will be able to lift loads up to 5000 lbs and will help with the evacuation process as well.


T-52 younger brother from USA, Sarkos Guardian GT.

Sarkos Guardian GT

 A similar robot we wrote about is the Sarkos Guardian GT that is about half the size of the T-52. It also has big arms and is capable of lifting 1000 lbs. Talk about “how much can you lift brah.”


Lets have a look at another lifting robot but this one doesn’t look so mean.

Boston Dynamics Handle

Handle, developed by Boston Dynamics will take care of all your box carrying and stacking needs. Its interesting to see how this robot moves and balances on its wheels using its effective counter balancing system. Handle can carry up to 33 lbs and pallets that are 1.7 m tall and 1.2 m wide.

Encouraging side note...

As we all know, building robots require a lot of testing and tweaking but don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t work the way you want it to. Just enjoy the process and appreciate the effort you have put in so far. Eventually your hard work will bear fruit and you can build better and more complex systems. Also remember to implement proper safety precautions. 

Its important to smile and see the funny side of things so here’s a video to help with that...

Using muscles to move robots.

Now this one is super-duper cool and our friends at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has done it again! This robot arm replicate your arm movements by monitoring your muscle movements using a special sensor. RoboRaise uses electromyography (EMG) sensors to detect triceps and biceps movement and translate it into robotic arm movement. The muscle sensors can detect discrete fine arm movements and gestures and was tested performing activities such as assembling mock airplane components. This project is partly funded by The Boeing Company.

For more info, check out MIT news.

This project builds on some next-level previous work of using brain signals to control a robot arm.

The system uses an EEG head cap and can work with any person because it does not have to recognize/learn or input any kind of data on the person. In conjunction with EMG muscle sensors, the machine will adapt to your thinking and muscle movements.


You don't have to build robots. You can be a robotics integrator.

 RobotWorx Industrial Robot Integrator

RobotWorx can help integrate heavy duty industrial robots into your systems to fit your automation needs. With over 25 years of experience, RobotWorx works as an official integrator of FANUC robots, YAKASAWA Motoman Solutions Provider, ABB Robotics Systems integrator and KUKA Robotics System Partner.

FANUC fast welding robots one of the worlds most requested industrial robots and RobotWorx has the insight and know-how to implement automation to fit your specific industrial welding and lifting needs. They will also properly train your team to use these robots at no extra cost.

As you can see, you don’t have to build and design the robots. Using RobotWorx business model, you can help companies set-up their robots in a real-world environment to improve efficiency. RobotWorx also offers a robot reconditioning service and always focus on maintaining a trustworthy and helpful relationship with the customer.

At Automation & Robotics, we do our best to be helpful to the customer so please feel free to check out our Monster Arduino Starter Kit.

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