The Vision and why we love robots

We all love robots and are inspired for the same reasons. 

And now we can find some common ground and work on building the future...which is already here.

We have this technology. See METHOD-01.

 And this too.

Kuka Robotics. A German manufacturer of industrial robotics for factory automation. 

Not to mention Tesla factories.

Tesla Robotics

Where do we go from here?

The Mechs in Mechwarrior game franchise is the next step.  

This Mech is about 50 ft tall. We can have something like this working in the next 5 years. The largest robots we have built are already 16 ft tall.

See Eagle Prime MK3 by MEGABOTS.

EaglePrime  Megabots

Only problem that the top speed of Eagle Prime is 10 mph. Thats horrendously slow so we have to make them move faster. Standard Heavy Mechs with thick armour  weighing 70-80 tons move at about 33 mph (54km/h).  Eagle Primes and Kuratas  should be able to achieve those speeds in the next couple of years.

Next up we have our friend Atlas from the game Titanfall.

Atlas-TitanfallSo Does Everybody get the picture now? Videos games are fun. Especially the ones with robots.

You might like robots because of Bumble Bee. Everyone knows Bumble Bee. He's our friendly neighborhood Autobot. Unlike a Decepticon, hes the good guy. 

Bumblee Bee Robot

Time to digress.

The article below is about something entire different - a sequence for simplifying and increasing efficiency of the transfer of data in a neural network called the Transformer. The proposal seems to be a breakthrough from our friends at Cornell. There might be some connection with the Autobots there. Machines operating and using data quicker. Hmm...

We also already have the worlds first artificial sun or found limitless energy. The Tokamak Fusion Reactor can heat ocean water to temperatures (100 million degrees Celsius) comparable to the core of the sun. The goal of the project is to eventually generate clean energy that does not produce waste with will be beneficial for mankind.

Next stop. The legendary Gundam robots/Mechas.

 Gundam Robot

Even Jaegers. Bracer Pheonix and Guardian.

Jaeger in Pacific Rim RobotJaeger Guardian

Quick size comparison. A Jaeger from the movie Pacific Rim is about 250 ft tall.

Jaeger Comparison

An engineer did some math and concluded that it would be impossible to build a moving structure that tall let alone withstand high forces and torques from fighting aliens.

However, who knows what future tech can come up with. As presented earlier, we can already build our own sun.

Join the revolution. We are going where no man has gone.













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