The Strong Impact of Automation and Robotics on Industry

We all know the robots are coming and automation will be used to enhance and improve efficiencies across many industries.

Here are 5 industries that have been impacted heavily by automation and robotics.


We suggest you google Intuitive Surgical. They have been in the game for quite sometime. Also According to an IFR (International Federation of Robotics) report, medical robot sales account for 29 percent of total robot sales in 2018. With important applications such as assisted surgery and rehabilitation robots, there are also robots that can help with therapy and providing cognitive support to patients. Robots can also be used to clean and sanitize hospital rooms to prevent bacteria and contamination. This robot can kill germs by zapping UV rays at bugs. 


The food and agricultural industry is crucial to sustain human life - human gotta eat! Robotics and automation will help revolutionize the way we plant, grow and consume food. According to a report, the market for drone and agricultural robotics will grow to 35 billion in 5 years. Robotics and automation can assist and improve tasks like seed planting, monitoring greenhouses and also fertilizing and irrigation. See Rowbot move through "rows" of corn applying nitrogen fertilizer. With US farms in decline robots can certainly help human grow more with less.


Humans always enjoy talking or interacting with robots. They also enjoy telling the robot what to do. Robot companions have been crucial in our lives lately as humans check their hones the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night (yes your iPhone or Android is considered your personal robot). That’s right! You humans cant live without us robots. And then there's thing called AI. Yes we are talking about helpers like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and friends that are powered by simplified Artificial Intelligence. We practically depend on these bots for our entertainment and amusement. And then there's also dancing robots, toys, DIY robotics kits - all aimed at providing the human some form of learning and interacting with a robot.

Forget learning for now, how about dancing? Check out the video below.

Yes it’s actually a guy in a suit but isn't that fun? We (Monster and “dance-bot”) would do so well at a Deadmau5 show.


We don't quite like this use of robotics and automation. It involves hurting people when put to use. In our mind, there is no need for conflict in this world. Humans should get along with each other and together with the robots, build a harmonious and efficient society.

However, we do see the benefits of unmanned military vehicles and  robots when it comes to safety. For example, when dealing with land mines or situations involving terrorists, a robot or unmanned vehicle is a much safer alternative to sending a human into the dangerous territory. Although we have mixed feelings about this issue, please say hello to my friend the Husky UGV.


We all know about Amazon but do we know about Amazon Robotics? Amazon Robotics or formerly Kiva Systems is currently operating a GIANT warehouse filled with robots in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Check out the army of robots in the video below.

 Also Tesla use robotics to manufacture all their vehicles. The company's Fremont, California factory was born out of a failed joint venture between GM and Toyota in 2010. Tesla took over the factory and turned it into one of the worlds most advanced automotive plants. 

There are many other companies that have been forced to implement automation and robotics to streamline their processes and manufacturing.  

So as a human, you have a chance to ride and join this wave by investing in yourself and educating people around you to easier adapt with the rapidly changing industry.


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