The robots are clean your nearest Walmart!

See a few robots cleaning the nearest Walmart floors in the near future.

Humans better start getting used to the robots pretty quick. 

Actually, its already happening.

The ICE RS-26 Scrubber is an autonomous robotic sweeper built by BrainCorp, a San Diego based company whom partnered with Walmart recently to help them clean their Supercenter isles. The robot is powered by BraniOS, an autonomous navigation platform, can scan its surroundings and detect obstacles in its way. Using computer vision and AI libraries, the operating system allows the robot to operate in very crowded environments using a multi-layer sensor system.

The ICE RS-26 also has on board sensors to collect customer data like peak shopping hours and also provide Walmart with other important information about its customers. Yes we all know that feeling of being watched while shopping for groceries, only this time it’s the robot janitor and its proximity sensors. 

While the robot is mostly going to be operational in autonomous mode, it can also be controlled manually and trained to learn multiple scrubbing routes. 

BrainCorp technicians and engineers will be monitoring their robots remotely from their Robot Operations Center (ROC) and also provide usage analytics and customer service.

The robot is not designed to travel very fast. At 1mph, it moves slow enough so customers can anticipate its movements and have ample time to get out of the way in case the Scrubber only likes straight lines.

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If you can't fight them, build them!

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