The Mech-Warrior dreams are slowly taking shape

We all need some form of entertainment. Let us paint the future for you.

Yes its science fiction and gaming coming to life. 


Imagine giant 30-ft, 100-ton robots called "Mechs" or "Mechas" fighting each other to the death in large stadium size events. 

The Mechs are piloted through wireless communication from a distance by superstar robo-gladiators in a control room with a virtual reality pilot system. Mecha Teams from around the world funded by passionate billionaires aim to employ the most cutting edge engineering into this futuristic and expensive sport, much like today's Formula 1 racing competition.

Also imagine a year long season where teams get to score points against each other through combat matches that are held at premier locations across the world. This month in USA, next month in Japan, the month after in China and so on and so fourth. Countries that hold these mega mech events get to promote their country for tourism and bring additional revenue for hosting these events. Mecha Teams have to solve engineering and logistics challenges to ensure their Mechs are ready for the next fight.

The Mechs are armed with artificial weapons that sound and look like real ones. Each Mech's health is logged through sensors and once the health bar goes down, the Mech is considered defeated in combat. There is a safety concern for the viewers and the superstar pilots. However, as technology improves, perhaps the robots can be equipped with weapons that can physically damage the enemy robots. Where's the fun without the sounds of explosions, fire and steel breaking down. Its entertainment remember. Hollywood might just need to up its game.

Another idea would be having the Mechs fight in a remote combat zone. The fight is filmed by drones and other filming robots. This way, the viewers are out of harms way and the robots can use actual weapons for combat and no one gets hurt. For the viewers, its just like watching Megatron fight Optimus Prime in Transformers.

On a side note, check out carbon-fiber sensored gladiator suits by Chiron

Super cool right. Okay back to the Mechs.

The dreams to a full on Mech combat are actually closer than you think. There are already video games that have been around for awhile featuring these Mech type giant robots.

Anyone who is familiar with Mech Warrior by the Mech Warrior Franchise would be jumping off their seats in excitement. Growing up with video games, we used to spend hours designing and customizing our Mechs by adding various weapons such as long range missiles (LRMs), lasers, heavy and light machine guns, auto cannons, heavier or lighter armour depending on the type of Mech. Supper cool Mech names like Thor, MadCat MKII and the Infamous Heavy Daishi come to mind. There are also online gaming tournaments that allow teams to compete with each other with their own Mechs.

Moreover, there are companies already working on these Mechs and the worlds first Mech duel has already taken place. Yes REAL Mechs.

From USA, there is MegaBots. They have already built 2 Mechs named EaglePrime and Iron Glory. You can schedule an appointment to pilot their Mechs for a small fee.

From Japan we have Suidobashi Heavy Industries with their Gundam-styled Kurata.

You can watch the duel in the video below. Grab some popcorn.

Super exiting! Everyone see the potential? Giant robots fighting are not just for movies anymore.


Here is another video of hope for the future of this next billion-dollar industry. We present to you, Method 2.

The Mechs are coming and the Micro can help you prepare.

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