The future of aerial exploration - the Jetsuit and Jetmans



Remember the Rocketeers from Command & Conquer?

Have you ever thought about strapping on a jetpack? It's not just Tony Stark who gets to rocket to the skies in his own iron suit. Flying around with your own jet-propelled backpacks and wings to boot can seem like a lot of fun. The good news is, it's 100% as exhilarating as it looks!

Vincent Reffet was one of the world's foremost jetmen. As part of Jetman Dubai, the stuntman was responsible for some of the most astounding aerial feats and footage you'll see online.

However, being a jetman takes a lot of training. Not only that, but you really do also need a head for heights and altitude!


What is a Jet Suit Capable Of?

If you've seen any of the Iron Man and/or Avengers movies, then you might already know what to expect. Based in Dubai, Reffet was a member of an expert team of jetsuit enthusiasts.

One of Reffet's biggest achievements came from a standing start. Using his pioneering jetsuit, complete with wings and built-in propulsion, he managed to leap almost six thousand feet into flight. That's from a single jump!

Reffet's jetsuit was capable of speeds up to 150 miles per hour on average. However, the design is likely capable of a lot more. For anyone worrying about safe landings, these suits and packs have parachutes built-in.

Reffet and his team hit tech news a few years ago thanks to a documentary about their exploits. Loft: The Jetman Story really does show you what this technology is capable of. The Jetman team can launch from standing starts and even fly in formation.

That's a lot of technology on their backs, too. Each suit arrives with a wing of carbon-Kevlar construction, with four engines built-in. Users can reach more than 6,000 meters, or 20,000 feet, with a single suit!


Is There a Future in Jetman Flying?

jetman aerospace

The technology used in jetsuits is still undergoing a lot of testing and scrutiny. Understandably so, given the altitude and speed, these trained professionals fly at!

However, the potential for jetman flying is enormous. Pilots could use jetsuits to explore the world around them. It could create all kinds of exciting possibilities for photography, land planning, and more. Even more exciting is the potential for travel!

Can you imagine being able to cross from one city to another by merely slipping on a jetsuit? For now, however, the idea of jetsuiting is likely reserved for the thrill-seekers only. There's a lot to take in and an incredible amount of fitness and altitude training involved but we believe this will be available to the public in the coming years.


What's Next?

Jetman Dubai is only one name working hard to perfect human flight. Right now, jetsuit exploits mainly take place in the world of extreme sport. However, with years of testing and training to come, there's nothing to say, this tech won't become more commonplace.

Fancy strapping on your own Iron Man suit? You might have some time to wait – but the sky is the limit.

On a side note but something similar...a real life Rocketeer!

 Also see the Royal Navy Jetman training using Gravity Industries (Flight Club) Jetsuit. Founder Richard Browning also gives an inspiring Ted Talk that proves the importance of not giving up and keep trying over and over and over again until you reach your goal. Just make sure you are tweaking your approaches instead of trying the same approach and hoping for different results.

Hope you are inspired!

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