The BIKE Mobile Inspection Platform by GE Inspection Robotics

Introducing The BIKE Platform by General Electric Inspection Robotics.


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The BIKE Mobile Inspection Platform is a compact magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting industrial plants and also pipe and tanks in the oil and gas industry. This thing can crawl into very tight spaces or even climb up very tall places where no humans would want to go. Its clever design allows the robot to crawl over 90 degree obstacles and complex structures. 

Mobile robots are advantages because of their ability to reach places human cant due to safety or size constraints. Inspection procures sometimes require engineers and inspectors to enter tight areas tin order to properly inspect damage pipes and tanks.

The robot uses a locomotive drive concept (think train locomotives) and can maneuver over concave and convex obstacles using magnetic wheels. This means the BIKE Platform can transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces and even travel upside down. 

The platform weights 10kg, is fully remote controlled and is equipped with front and rear cameras. With a 10kg payload capability, the robot can be equipped with NDT sensors along with the pan/tilt cameras.

ICS2 - Integrated Control Station 2

Integrated Control Station 2 was designed with simplicity in mind. It only needs one cable to plug into the robot and is controlled annually with a rugged navigation joystick. The control station comes with a  full HD monitor touchscreen, integrated industrial computer (Intel i-7-6600U, 8GB RAM) with Microsoft Windows installed. The ICS2 can be powered with a 100-240 V plug.

For close-up inspections a video borescope probe can be mounted and used with GE’s Mentor Visual IQ for precise measurements and quality inspections.

Robot work alongside humans in is the future of robotics. With the BIKE Platform, the human is ow safer in his workplace and is also better equipped to perform higher quality inspections.

Here's a link to detailed specs for the BIKE Platform.

You can also be a badass robot designer/engineer.  This is how you start.

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