Surgical robots, the Bigman and other good things in robotics

Robot surgeons!

Ever wonder how you know the location of your limbs even without looking at them? It’s sort of a human sixth sense called sense of proprioception.

Well now roboticists are starting to develop a “sixth sense” for the robots.

A robot that has advanced perception of the location for its arms and limbs is very important for surgical robots.

Companies like Intuitive Surgical have been working on surgical robots for over 20 years and now Alphabet is starting to get interested.

On a side not, watch this dude operate on an animal remotely, robotics and 5G future.

Here’s another good use for robots.

Researchers in South Korea have designed a wearable that help patients with hand mobility problems grab objects. The robot uses machine learning and a camera to learn and anticipate what the human is about to do and assist them. Call this intention detection with machine learning.

machine learning robot


Yes the sensors are connected to actuators to provide some force to assist the humans fingers. You can also hook up this computer and it an uses machine learning and move and actually robot arm. We can imagine how much strength humans can have when they combine with robots. Thinking super exoskeletons like this one.

Yes the South Koreans have done it again. That robot is called Bigman. It's very friendly looking. Yes yess..Mech Warrior.

So can anyone make the connection between Arduino and robots now?

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