Super cool Canadians at the 2019 International Conference on Robotics & Automation!

The World’s Largest Robotics & Automation Conference to take place in Canada from May 20-24 of 2019. Happening right now! There's still 3 days left and Montreal is a nice place so lets go!

ICRA short for International Conference on Robotics and Automation is hosted in conjunction with IEEE, the worlds largest engineering research association. Yes it’s the same association that awarded Elon Musk with an honor back in 2015. He is part Canadian as well.

There are some very interesting exhibitors from 71 countries (list here) that are confirmed to be involved in the conference. The exhibition will be held at the Montreal Convention Center making it the worlds largest and most prestigious event in 35 year history of the conference.

Since the event is held in Canada, we are going to pay tribute to the companies and institutions that are Canadian. We have met many Canadians along our journey to Mecha future and we must say that they are very nice people with great hearts. So here we go. Below is picture of the Mecha future for those who are still scratching their heads. 

kuratas robot japan

Yes that is Kuratas from our friends in Japan. The future is here.


ICRA 2019 will be the first robotics conference that will address directly the artistic contributions in the field of robotics so kudos to that. We all need some art in our lives. Check out the Mega Hysterical Art Robot Project. Yeah its weird but really cool!

Ok back to our Canadian friends at ICRA 2019...First and foremost...

Coriolis G Corporation 

Creators of VOGI 1, the worlds first passively coupled VTOL tilt rotor aircraft. VTOL is an abbreviation for Vertical Take Off and Landing and is the sweet spot in aerospace talk. The company specializes in vertical take-off and landing UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and their expertise include dynamics and control, modeling simulations, air frame design and construction as well as PX4 autopilots

The VOGI 1 uses patented technology to conduct continuous variable transition from vertical takeoff to forward motion flight seamlessly. This is a big deal in the VTOL fans. In fact the VOGI 1 is a hybrid between a VTOL and fixed wing aircraft which combines the best of best worlds of vertical take off and long range efficient flight. Tech and logistics giants such as Google, Fedex and Amazon that are already looking into this technology. See Google's Larry Page backs flying car startup and we all know about Amazons drones.

Independent Robotics Inc.

Independent Robotics is also a Canadian based company that specializes in designing and building compact, high-performance underwater robots. Their group of robots are a family called aqua-family and they have been deployed successfully in fresh water lakes, the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans.

One of the family members, the Aqua2 uses six independently controlled robotics fins that can provide a maneuverable sensor platform for someone looking to go deep diving with a pet robot. The robot can operate at a tested depth of 120 feet (36 m) and 100 feet from the shoreline. You can also tele-operate Aqua2 or have it swim autonomously.

The main selling points or the Aqua2 is it requires very little to deploy and it also being a very compact and lightweight system. Most importantly, Independent Robotics can custom design the robot with sensors and technology with a wide range of configurations to fit your needs and applications. Super cool!

 University of Toronto 

UofT Robotics Institute

Some great news from University of Toronto. The institute of Robotics and Mechatronics will transform into the University of Toronto Robotics Institute this summer. 

With the support of the Deans Strategic Fund with a mandate of unite, grow and bringing greater visibility to the exceptional research clusters from across the university – the institute will transform into the central headquarters of robotics in U of T. 

This state-of-the-art facility is going to be great for all the robot fans. Students will have access to a double height drone room for teaching an demos, an indoor mobile garage an shared robotics equipment, exhibitions space, state of the art teleconferencing facilities, meeting rooms and much more. Yeah that’s very very cool so here's a link to admissions if you're interested. 

With a goal of bringing people together through collaboration in robotics and technology, the institute will be a driving force in bringing new ideas, solutions and innovation to tackle future challenges.

With a global spending of 115 Billion on robotics and drones, we can safely expect to see increasing amount of robotics an AI in our lives. May the force be with us.

You can join the revolution here.

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