Autonomous robots that clean floors without missing a spot

The new level of laziness has just begun with floor cleaning robots

A few years ago, it was common that you'd see robots which vacuumed and cleaned your carpets.  The 'Roomba' is likely to be one of the best examples!  However, since that time, robotics innovation has moved on more than a little.  There are some truly weird and wonderful advancements in cleaning tech out there.


Roomba Robot Cleaner

Don't be so ready to cast the Roomba aside just yet – home cleaning innovations are just as popular now as they ever were!  However, here are three spectacular floor-cleaning robots already helping to keep commercial spaces sparkling.


Avidbots Neo

Avidbots' ground-breaking AI, Neo, is thought to be a bit of a trail-blazer.  According to the innovators, Neo is the first robot of its kind.  Not on the grounds that it can clean floors, of course, but in that it does so without any kind of human interaction.

That is, of course, going to be the goal of this range of robotics.  Eventually, innovators want robots to be able to clean floors and spaces without any kind of helping hand.  Neo works by scrubbing and cleaning floors based on your own unique schedules.  You can program it from a central app based on a web browser.

What's more, Neo is always improving itself.  It learns from tweaks to its schedules and reports data and activity back to you through the cloud.


Brain Corp Cleaning Machines

Brain Corp, meanwhile, aims to go one better.  Their cleaning machines, powered through their unique autonomous navigation platform BrainOS and can also work alongside staff.  Their systems can be ridden, too, which means if you need to monitor a robot's cleaning schedule, you can.

Much like Neo, Brain Corp's systems are always learning. They'll report data back to you, too, so you can see how well they're doing.  Need to change their paths or sensitivity?  It shouldn't ever be too difficult.

The Brain Corp systems seem to work autonomously, too, which means Neo might have some stiff competition!


Lionsbot Cleaning Machines

Lionsbot's range of cleaning robots goes a step further when it comes to visual appeal.  Their robots have cute 'faces' and displays, and you can even name them from your app.  Speaking of apps – it's here where you'll be able to monitor and control your robots.

Much like the other models listed above, Lionsbot systems have flexible cleaning functions.  They run via the cloud, and you'll be able to manage and monitor battery life, active status, and more besides.  They are built more for active cleaning assistance, however, meaning that some physical work may still be necessary!


What Does The Future Hold?

It's great to see that there is still so much innovation in cleaning technology!  It is a surprisingly popular and engaging market.  Therefore, don't be too surprised if you see smart and smarter cleaning bots emerge in the years to come.

Roombas may have helped to start the boom – however, the unique creations listed here are just the beginning of something bigger, bolder, and more efficient.

With that said, wash your hands and stay safe.


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