Retail-robots, machine learning and the robotics revolution at a store near you

 According to NVDIA, the robotics revolution has just shifted into high-gear.

We at Automation & Robotics can attest to this as we created the Monster Starter Kit through AI and deep machine learning.

Everyone at A&R are actually robots.

Yes, robots own and operate Automation & Robotics. Everything is automated. Everything has been touched and designed by a robot. We pack all the components in the kit and ship it off to you. Even the writer of this article is a robot. The only humans are our customer support professionals.

This is the next level for automation and robotics and you are part of it.

Great things happen when robots work alongside humans.

Designed and  built to offload some of the mundane tasks so the human can focus on the much more important, quality human-to-human interactions. We’re not the only ones that thinks so, see Walmart (Robot Janitor) and Lowes Home Improvement has recently implemented their first robot at their retail stores.

So here we are today, introducing a new worker robot and close friend, the LoweBot NAVii.


Made by fellowRobots, this San-Francisco company (I know you must be thinking oh no just another .com startup but hear me out here!) also makes robots for customers like Bevmo. So far, fellowRobots has partnered with NVDIA, Canon and Microsoft to work on this project.

The good fellows at fellowRobots claimed that their robots has worked alongside humans safely for over 500 miles without incidents.

Users can program their robots using an app with retail inventory control software to monitor inventory and so far their robots have caught over 11,000 errors. 

Powered with the NVDIA Jetson AGX, the LoweBot can scan inventory and reports inventory levels to the store which can boost profitability and managers efficiencies.

The robot also has voice recognition software help customers answer basic customer inquiries and find things in the store with the added benefit of enabling employees to spend more time offering their expertise to customers.

These retail-robots use sensors, machine learning and computer vision for next-generation automation and this is where things get interesting in the near future.

This is the very bleeding edge of applications for deep learning, artificial intelligence and robotics when it comes to retail and direct interaction with humans. We believe there is still much to  learn and we are in some very exiting times in human evolution.

Also check out fully automated warehouse in Shanghai.

 The future is here and it’s in automation and robotics.

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