Top 3 disaster response robots to go where no man should not

We like tough robots that help keep the human safe. 


Category: Disaster Response - Tracked Robot

Builder: Shark Robotics

Shark Robotics Colossus Disaster Response Robot

Colossus is a versatile remote-controlled robot designed to support firefighters and first-responders on dangerous missions. With a high-pressure water cannon and powerful all-terrain treads, it can help extinguish fires, clear away debris, and evacuate victims. The Colossus robot is actually deployed with the Paris Fire fighter Brigade (BSPP) & with many other French or foreign Regional Services of Fires & Rescues. It is engaged each month in real operations to keep man safe & insures a real technical support.

Some features of Colossus include,

  • -Payload capacity of up to 550 kg

  • Traction capacity of 2 metric tons

  •  Easy to pilot with three remote control options available: handheld controller, vehicle-mounted control station, and smartphone/tablet app

  • Modular design and integration with different types of water cannon (POK, AWG, TFT)

  • Optional modules: Smoke extraction fan, manipulation arm, stretcher, motorized bull-bar, basket to transport equipment

  • Waterproof IP code IP67 - can be dropped into a body of water up to one meter for an hour while functioning

Enryu T-53

Category: Disaster Response - Wheeled

Builder: TMSUK Co. Ltd.

 Enryu T-53 Disaster Response Robot


Enryu T-53 is a rescue robot developed by TMSUK Co. Ltd. in 2007. Enryu T-53 is designed to handle dangerous, rescue missions. TMSUK’s heavy-duty robot is equipped with a strong pair of arms, which are capable of lifting objects weighing up to 1000 kilograms. Enryu T-53 is specially built for extreme environments like the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station in Japan. The robot can either be controlled remotely through the use of a state-of-the-art remote control system, or it can be controlled from a cockpit inside the robot. Enryu T-53 is capable of sending real-time images captured from its high-resolution CCD cameras to the remote controller. Additionally, the robot is geared with important tools commonly used in rescue missions for faster and convenient operation.

Some features of Enryu T-53 include,

  • Advanced control options: Manual drive from an inside cockpit or remote control drive from a remote location
  • Real-time images from its high-resolution CCD cameras available for both cockpit drive and remote control drive option
  •  Pair of powerful arms can lift objects weighing 1000 kilograms
  • CCD cameras mounted on different parts of the robot – head, torso and arms
  • Metallic wheel-driven platform designed for very rough terrains
  • Heavy-duty light mounted on its head for all-night rescue operations


Category: Disaster Response - Tracked Robot

Builder: Endeavor Robotics

Endeavor Robotics Packbot Disaster Response Robot

The 510 PackBot is a multi-mission tactical mobile robot developed and manufactured by iRobot (now Endeavor Robotics). It is designed for use by war-fighters and first responders to carry out dangerous missions in high-threat battlefield scenarios. The 510 PackBot can perform surveillance and reconnaissance, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection, building and route clearance, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), HazMat handling, improvised explosives device (IED) detection, checkpoint, and vehicle and personnel inspections. It also can be easily configured based on the operators’ mission needs using different attachments and sensors.

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