Making of the Superhuman with the SARCOS Guardian GT Industrial Robot

Introducing The Guardian GT Industrial Dual-Arm Robot by SARCOS.

Is it an exoskeleton or is it a robot? 

It is both!

According to the CEO of Utah-based company SARCOS, “you can ride in it and control its arms or you can ride behind it and control it from a distance with the tele-operating mode”. Their catch phrase is "getting your arms around the toughest tasks"..literally.

Built to help humans perform manual dangerous tasks such has heavy welding, lifting heavy pipes, industrial structures and manufacturing. Tasks that used to require a few humans and a crane can now be performed with just one human and the SARCOS Guardian GT.

Each arm can lift 500 lbs so that’s a total of 1000 lbs of superhuman strength. It has all degrees of freedom and maneuverability as a human arm. The Guardian is equipped with a diesel powered engine and can move at 4 mph (not that it matters that much since the magic is in its arms). The robot can also reach 4 feet in front of the platform allowing the human to have super extended reach.

SARCOS has no current plans of fully automating the Guardian since they believe that a super robot like this should have human intelligence powering it for unique tasks that don't require repetition. It is very important to put major decisions in the hands of the human operator while automating some tasks that are repeatable so save time.

Dangerous tasks in hazardous environments can now be performed by the Guardian while keeping the human safe and reducing risk of personal injuries. 

According to the CEO, they have had  a lot of interest from the nuclear decommissioning space. The Guardian can go in places where we don’t necessarily want humans to go in  such as highly radioactive bunkers, industrial storage rooms and locations that are dirty and hazardous.

It is indeed a Guardian of the human.

You can learn more about this super robot here.

On a side note, The Monster would like to build a gladiator ring and have a couple of these robots wield giant swords and shields and fight each other. Robotainment of the future!

Yes you heard it here first.


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