How robotics at Cornell is helping shape the future

The robotics labs at Cornell with their friendly and helpful robots.

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Now back to Cornell robotics!

Cornell Robotics


In just a few short years, Cornell University has emerged as a leader in robotics engineering.  Their leading research department, Robotics at Cornell, focuses on the way that humans interact with robots.  Their fantastic array of research projects already cover self-driving cars, robotic assistants, and even humanoids.  Cornell is regarded as one of the top 10 robotics colleges in the US, and for good reason.

But what are some of their leading projects?  Why might the team here be leading the way as far as the robotic revolution is concerned?  Here is a brief look at some of the labs operating on campus right now.


The Autonomous Systems Lab

The autonomous system's lab is where researchers look at how we can help build systems to work on our behalf.  How long will it be before we depend on robotics for all our daily needs?  The ASL develops and tests self-driving cars, which are already taking to the roads.

You can also take a look at their brilliant ASL segways, too.  These robotic vehicles are self-thinking and could see application in a variety of different industries and specialisms.


The Biorobotics and Locomotion Lab

The BLL team focuses on movement.  Specifically, they work to design robots that can move with minimal energy.  They want to create robots that can walk on their own two – or even four – feet!

The lab is also home to both the autonomous bicycle team and CUSail.  These departments develop automated boats and bicycles. It's all about moving forward!

Introducing Ranger..

The Organic Robotics Lab

Organic Robotics is very exciting!  The ORL focuses on 'soft robotics.'  That means that the team works to develop tools and robots which could be used to support human patients in need of specific care.

Cornell Soft Robotic Hand

For example, the ORL is working hard at creating working 'soft' hands.  This project, called ADEPT, demonstrates how robotic hand replacements could work in the future.  These systems are visually pleasing and may help to 'humanize' the ways robotic enhancements look and perform! 

The Personal Assistant Robot Lab

We depend more and more on artificial intelligence in our everyday lives.  Do you already use Siri or Alexa?  The PARL takes things one step further.

This lab focuses on helping to bridge the gap between humans and robots.  The team here works hard to develop automated assembly robots and looks closely at ways in which robots could be used to enhance physical processes.

One of their most exciting projects is the KUKA youBot, which can be seen actively helping in the lab!


The Robot Learning Lab

The Robot Learning Lab is where bots are trained to think and work for themselves!  This lab works to develop robots that can directly interact with humans.  Some of the most advanced robots at Cornell reside here, including the popular RoboBarista, which can actually serve lattes and mochas to visitors on request!

Cornell is accepting admissions for undergraduates and postgraduates.  Want to get into the world of robotics research?  Head on over to their full online portfolio now.

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