How automation can keep your business on track

Automation and Tracking

Most businesses have some sort of product or inventory associated with operational functions. Monitoring and managing inventory, regardless of your business’ size, is essential to ensure you're staying on track with your suppliers and are able to service your customers well. Having appropriate systems in place for inventory management, as well as shift scheduling and time tracking, facilitates smooth operations for your company. We at Goliath Automation & Robotics invites you to read on to learn more.

Manage Products and Supplies

If you have an established inventory tracking system, consider a software program that saves you time and money and allows you to manage functions on a mobile app. This might include things like setting alerts when it's time to re-order and tracking shipments, sales, and trends. According to Drutas, this approach allows you to manage your own time, operate on the go so you're never overstocked or understaffed, and build in some padding time in the event a vendor or supplier is off schedule. If you have vendors who are often behind schedule, consider having backs-ups on hand so there’s no slowdown in your operations.

Automate Marketing Efforts

To keep your business growing, you need to constantly be promoting your goods and/or services. Of course, spending large chunks of your day posting to your social media, adding to your website, or crafting messages to send to your email list isn’t practical. That’s why it’s a good idea to automate these tasks wherever possible. For example, for marketing through Instagram, you can become a pro Instagram post maker using the templates offered by Adobe Spark and then use a social media automation tool so that you’re regularly posting to social media without having to be in your feeds all day. You can also automate other aspects of your marketing; scheduling pre-prepared blog posts to post at a certain time or using email software to send customer reminders or sales information at certain times or points in a customer’s journey.

Manage Processes

While you could use a system of paper tracking or even set up a computerized spreadsheet, you’ll save time and money and be more efficient if you utilize an online platform. Look for one that supports best inventory management practices along with employee scheduling options. Appropriate programs can generate reports and track and save data that can make it easier and more efficient when it comes time for bookkeeping and accounting. It also streamlines the tax filing process, and, according to Small Business Bonfire, can be useful when making budget projections — an essential element of keeping your business finances on track.

Avoid Time Management Issues

Depending on the type of industry you're in, you may be dealing with union representatives or employee advocacy groups and will need to ensure best practices around employee staffing and management. A disorganized system can lead to gaps in scheduling, which has the potential to slow productivity and reduce customer service efficiency. Mismanaged scheduling can potentially even result in accidents, errors, or claims of labor law violation. An organizational system can take away much of that stress and uncertainty.

Get Everyone on Board

When it comes to instituting new inventory tracking and employee scheduling programs, some people may resist adaptation, especially if they’re accustomed to another long-standing method or approach. To ensure compliance, provide training around any newly introduced systems, give people time to adjust, and be available to troubleshoot and monitor implementation. This will promote a smooth transition and help system users feel comfortable and confident in how they’re using these tools.

When you have a fast-growing business, organizational management at every level is absolutely critical to high functioning operations and quality customer care. It also ensures the fundamental elements of your business operate like a well-oiled machine.

Automation for business

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