First place winner at All Inclusive Hacks 2024: MedBot - Equal Healthcare for All using AI

MedBot: Equal Healthcare for All Using AI.


Below is text from the project creators DevPost.

All Inclusive Hacks is a virtual student-led event centered on developing creative solutions to strengthen Web disability access, bias detection, and inclusion using computational linguistics/AI.


Every day, those of color, lower economic standards, and more face significant challenges in accessing affordable healthcare within their proximity. When we went through a drastic pandemic to make things worse, it brought these disparities in healthcare access into sharper focus and further revealed the troubling and unfair issue: those who needed help couldn't get any. This eye-opening experience inspired me to use what I know and have learned about app development to create a free and accessible tool while making a change in society. I want to help others get the access they need using modern technology and tools like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning while giving other resources through the click of a button.

What it does

MedBot gives users access to different AI toolkits and healthcare material. First, users can utilize an AI doctor for proper diagnosis and accurate measurements of their specific symptoms. Users can type in specific symptoms they have and MedBot's NLP model will handle the diagnosis. Furthermore, users can get advice using LLMs and generative-text models, which generate medical advice for the user.

Next, the user can use news features and NewsNow API, connected with MedBot, to seek the latest medical news about a specific topic. It comes with an in-built text reader for each news article that you want to read.

Finally, we used iOS HealthKit and Android Health Tracker to track different metrics such as calories burnt and steps taken.

For more information about the project, check out the DevPost here.


Congratulations! We hope the Monster Kit serves you well on your future endeavors of building more tools that help people.

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