Earth's Biggest Starter Kit for Arduino. The Monster Kit.

This is the A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit for Arduino. Earths Biggest Starter Kit for Arduino. Complete set with 25 sensors, HC-05 Bluetooth module, ESP8266 WiFi Module, Ethernet Shield and 2x Wireless Transceivers.

You can have a wide range of sensors and modules at your fingertipsl for building many exciting projects across all levels of difficulties.

A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Kit for Arduino

This kit comes with the Uno R3, Mega 2560 and Nano V3 Arduino-compatible boards. You don't have to to chose like the other kits. You can have it all here.  You can SHARE it all here. 

Pitch in a few dollars with your friends and treat it like an investment in your future. Get access to all the parts and discover what you like in Arduino, what your strengths are. And you can do all this with the Monster Kit.

Here are the sensors and modules that come with The Monster. Over 65 parts and 500 individual components.

MEGA 2560
HC-05 Bluetooth Module 
ESP8266 Wifi Module
W5100 Ethernet Shield
2x NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module
RC522 RFID Kit
IR Remote Kit
UNO R3 Protoshield
4x4 Membrane Keypad 
1602 LCD w/ i2C Backpack
Ultrasonic Range Sensor
Sound Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor
Impact Switch Switch Sensor
Photo Interrupter Sensor
GY68 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Line Tracking Sensor
IR Flame Sensor
Hall Effect Sensor
DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor 
Vibration Sensor
IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
MQ3 Alcohol Sensor
MQ9 Combustible Gas Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Rain Level Sensor
GY521 3-Axis Gyro & Accelerometer Module
ISD1820 Voice Recording Module
DS3231 Real Time Clock Module
Rotary Encoder Module
Laser Diode Module
1 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display
MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Display
5V DC Hobby Motor
5g Servo
5V DC Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver
9V 1A Power Supply
5V 1-Channel Relay Module
USB Charger Doctor
Piezo Buzzer
700-Point Breadboard
PS2 Joystick
Shift Register
L239D Motor Driver
NPN Transistor
9V Battery Connector
16G USB Storage
2x Photoresistor
2x Ceramic Disk Capacitor
1N4004 Diode
30x Resistor (100R, 220R, 1K, 4.7K, 10K, 47K,100K,1M) 
3x LED White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue 
6x Breadboard Button
2x Potentiometer (10K, 100K) 
2x 3-Pin Slider Switch
2x 40-Pin Male Header
40x Female-Male Jumper Wires
40x Male-Male Jumper Wires
40x Female-Female Jumper Wires

This is the beginning of a automation, robotics and AI revolution. You can benefit from this economic boom by investing in your knowledge and resource pool so can adapt and spot opportunities that may have not existed before.

The tools of the future is here and you really can have it all.

Get The Monster Kit today!

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