Earth's Biggest Starter Kit for Arduino - The Colossus

Behold the biggest Arduino Kit in the world.

It's also the most advanced with all the next level development boards, sensors, shields, CNC and wireless equipment for the mechs. Multiple kits in one combo perfect for any robotics lab, engineering, and electronic learning facilities. Your institution will be better equipped to harness the wave of robotics and automation revolution.

  • Earths Colossal Giant of Giants Super Advanced Starter Kit for Arduino. 100+ parts Includes 5 main boards like the Uno R3, Mega 2560, Nano V3, ESP8266 Node MCU & Uno R3 Wi-Fi Board, ESP32 Dual WiFi + Bluetooth Developer Board - 100% Arduino-compatible
  • 10 shields including the Uno & Mega Protoshield, CNC Shield, LCD Shield, Sensor Shield, GamePad & SD Card shield and W5100 Ethernet Shield
  • Added accessories like OV7670 camera, smart car kit, 2x Nema17 stepper motors, multiple LCDs, 25 sensors
  • Perfect for advanced wireless and IoT projects with the ESP8266 WiFi Transceiver, HC-05 Bluetooth module, 2x NRF24L01 Long and short-range transceiver and also the 433Mhz wireless modules. Also the ESP32 dual wifi + bluetooth for latest wireless tech in the Arduino space
  • Perfect for unlimited project ideas. Plenty of connector wires, 2x breadboard, servos and motors, relay for home automation. Equip your robotics and engineering labs for the future. Comes in a 22 inch Husky 2 Level tough tool box with organizing compartments

Automation Robotics Arduino Colossus

Parts list.

Main Boards

Uno R3

Mega 2560

Nano v3

ESP8266 NodeMCU

Uno WifiWemos D1

ESP32 Wifi + Bluetooth


Soil Moisture Sensor

GY68 Barometric Pressure Sensor

GY521 Gyro & Accelerometer


DS3231 Real Time Clock

MQ9 Combustible Gas Sensor

MQ3 Alcohol Sensor

Infrared Flame Sensor

Motion Sensor

Remote Control Kit

Sound Sensor

Ultrasonic Range Sensor

Rain Level Sensor

DHT11 Temperature 7 Humidity Sensor

4x4 Membrane Keypad

Vibration Sensor

Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

Line Tracking Sensor

Rotary Encoder

Impact Switch Sensor

Photo Interrupter Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor

Pulse Sensor

Angle Switch Sensor

LCD & Light

1602 LCD with I2c

2004 LCD with I2c

MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix

5V 650nm Laser Diode Module


Uno R3 Protoshield

Uno Sensor Shield

W5100 Ethernet Shield

L293D Motor Shield

1602 LCD Shield

Mega Protoshield

Mega Sensor Shield

Joystick Gamepad Shield

Nano Shield

SD Card Shield

CNC Shield


5V 1 Channel Relay

USB Charger Doctor

PS2 Joystick

9V 1A Power Supply

ISD1820 Voice Recording Module

Robot Car Chassis (4x DC Motor + Wheels)

2x L298 Motor Driver

OV7670 Camera

2x Mechanical End Stop

4x A4988 Stepper Driver

Wireless Modules

HC05 Bluetooth Module

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Transceiver

2x NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Short Range

2x NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Long Range (1000m)

433 MHz Wireless Tx/Rx Kit

Servo & Motor (Output Devices)

2x Servo

2x 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver

2x 5V DC Motor

2x Nema 17 Stepper Motor


ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module USB TTL Adapter

2x NRF24L01 Module Adapter

Piezo Buzzer

Shift Register

L239D Motor Driver

NPN Transistor


9V Battery Connector

4G USB Flash Drive

2x Photoresistor

2x Ceramic Disk Capacitor

1N4004 Diode

60x Resistor (100R, 220R, 1K, 4.7K, 10K, 47K, 100K, 1M)


6x LED (White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)

12x Breadboard Button

4x Potentiometer (10K, 100K)

2x Slider Switch

2x 40-Pin Male Header

80x Female—Female Jumper

80x Male-Female Jumper

80x Male-Male Jumper

2x 700-Point breadboard

2x 400-Point Breadboard

60x Jumper Wires

Breadboard Power Supply

Rigid Breadboard Wire Kit

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  • I purchased the Arduino colossus kit, and I could not be happier with it!! However, the thumb drive that was included with it came broken… Is there anyway that I can download whatever information that came on it, or is there a way I can order just that part?? The end that plugs into a drive is completely broken off of it. If required, I would be happy to pay for it, as I’m sure there is a plethora of information that was included on it, because the kit itself is truly a monster that includes so many sensors and shields. I feel like a kid in a candy store with the amount of items it includes and the sky is the limit as to what you can do with the amount of parts it comes with. Thank you!
    Don Thomas

    Donald Thomas

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