Earth's biggest, coolest and most-advanced starter kit for Arduino. The Monster.

Presenting Earths biggest, coolest, most advanced starter kit for Arduino.

Arduino Starter Kit with Uno Nano Mega

  • Over 500 individual components, 60+ modules and sensors
  • Includes the Uno r3, Mega 2560 and Nano v3 boards
  • Bluetooth, Wifi and Ethernet modules for advanced projects
  • Tons of fun - education for the future

You don't have to decide if you want an Uno board or Mega....get both of them plus the Nano all in one kit. Think about it, with 3 times more main boards as a regular kit, you literally have 3 times more fun which will also increase knowledge gain rate by over 150%. 

Ok we don't know where those numbers came from but you will have more fun!

You can share funds with your classmate or friends and share the kit. There's plenty of parts to go around, everyone pick a sensor and a board, and off you go!

Imagine three friends learning Arduino together, sharing the Monster, sharing each others code, laughing, exploring and solving problems together. The worlds next best idea might just come from there.

This is exactly what we want! Friends messing around with Arduino which leads to the best and brightest ideas. We all know this is how great ideas start.

So go forth. Invest in yourself. Invests in your knowledge. Invest in your relationships. Its all connected and you can do it with the Monster.

Get the Monster here.

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