Do you like insects? Now you can have your own Arduino Ant Bot!

These days, everyone is talking about new technology like IoT or "smart watches" or "smart washing machines". Little do they know that Arduino and other open-source platforms have been the driving force behind developments in technology trends.

Why Arduino? Arduino is very easy to access and you can buy a lot of parts and get started for a very low price.

Anyway we digress. Here is another super cool idea someone has built with Arduino.

Behold the Ant Bot!


The basics in this idea is simple. A signal is sent from a smartphone to an Arduino via Bluetooth, and then the Arduino decides what to do with that information and moves a servo. Here are some basic parts for this project.

  • Arduino Uno R3 or Mega 2560
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • Servo
  • Ultrasonic Range Sensor

You can get all these parts in the Monster Kit btw!

Back to the Ant Bot. This thing needs 21 servos for those legs, neck and tail! To power all these servos, you're going to need a 9V LiPo battery. The Arduino only runs on 5V so you're also going to need a buck step down converter.

If you have some CAD skills, you can use Inventor or AutoCAD to design an enclosure to put your Arduino projects in. The builder (HowToMechatronics) of the Ant Bot uses a CR10 3D Printer to build the chassis for the Ant Bot.

For the coding, we would like you to learn from The Builder himself at the Arduino Ant Hexapod Robot page. HowToMechatronics know what they're doing so we suggest newbies following them for new ideas and knowledge. You can thank us later.

Talk more soon...




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