Clearpath Robotics. The world leader in tough self-driving robots

World leader in self-driving robots that believes that great products are built by small teams that work hard, think smart and move fast.

Clearpath Robotics Team

Clearpath Robotics headquartered in Kitchener, Canada was founded by University of Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering graduates. The founders Matthew Rendall, Ryan Gariepy, Pat Martinson and Bryan Webb had a vision to create a robotics company to build robots dedicated to automating the worlds dullest, dirtiest and deadliest jobs.

To build a great company, a strong vision is required and Clearpath Robotics is not lacking in that department.

Clearpath Robotics has instilled a belief system that is vital to their success this far. We can all learn from them and use a little bit of their mentality and way of thinking to achieve our own goals in life.

They start with why and break problems down to the core. Always ask the important questions and try to solve problems with facts and data.

The customer is always first and always strive to deliver an experience that makes the customer happy and provide for their needs.

They like to encourage crazy ideas. Going against the grain always brings the most satisfaction and innovation.

Get shit done an empower your team and friends. Lavish with constructive feedback to make people will feel special in your presence and go the extra mile for you. If you go the extra mile for them, they will most likely go the extra mile for you too.

Be humble, frugal and fearless. Fear is only a state of mind and we have to think big and be uncomfortable with our goals. Be humble because everybody has something to learn from someone else.

The guys and gals at Clearpath Robotics also know how to have fun. They have surprise visits from ice cream trucks at their offices, once a month pub grub and video game LAN parties. Yes geeks can go hard too and fun time is much needed to take the edge off.

Now lets talk about robots.

Clearpath Robotics designs and build a variety of autonomous vehicles for many different operations in the field. They all have a super badass and tough look to them which fits the visions of tackling the worlds deadliest and dirtiest jobs or robots.


Their largest all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that’s built for rugged and tough environments. Claiming it can go where no other UGV can (sounds like a familiar tagline), Moose UGV has a large payload area an can be customized to a wide variety of robotics applications in mining, agriculture and construction. Moose UG can also carry over 1000 lbs of payload. Now that's a tough one!



The Warthog is a totally amphibious UGV and is engineered to be rugged to operate on soft soils with low pressure tires and can also travel on water. Like the Moose UGV, it can be customized to suit your agricultural and industrial needs with various sensors and manipulators. Its large tires allow it to climb over big rocks while also travelling in the water. Although it is slightly smaller than the Moose UGV, it can carry up to 600 lbs and travel at 4km/h on water.


 A mid-sized UGV with extreme amounts of precision and agility. The husky has rugged construction and high-torque drive-train that can take your experiments to the most hostile environments and keep humans safe. Husky can support LIDAR, GPS, IMU and variety of other sensors to serve your industrial needs. Like most of Clearpath Robotics robots, Husky is fully supported by ROS (robot operating system) community driven open source examples and code.


The Heron is a unmanned surface vessel that operates on water and can be used to collect data from oceans and its inhabitants using its payload bay for submerged sensors. The Heron looks really cool and has a sleek design called the catamaran design. Heron is also fordable making it easy to deploy and transport the robot.

Clearpath Robotics also supports ROS development. As an early adopter and proud supporter of the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) and has deployed more robots using ROS on the field than any other organization. That’s a world-class achievement in itself! Clearly this company is the leader in the design and deployment of ROS software and robotics systems.

So what have we learned today? Do things no one has done before. Create something new. Go against the grain. Share kindness, treat others with respect and be generous in your praise of others. Serve others first and you can get what you want.

Here is an example of going against the grain. The worlds largest Starter kit for Arduino.

A&R Colossus Starter Kit for Arduino

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