A message to our customers and the world

We know it's been awhile since the last post.

We have been busy finding ourselves and treating our customers well.

So let’s start with this.

amazon review arduino starter kit

Amazon review arduino starter kit


arduino starter kit


These are real reviews. We are not perfect and we made mistakes like missing items in a kit. But hey, it’s ok, the point is we have great customers that reach out to give us a chance to fix the issue.

And we are grateful and appreciate the opportunity and fix the issue for them without hesitation. A few dollars will go a long long way when it comes to making the customer happy.

You could say, what if the customer is lying? Well we say, so what! We give anyway. We trust our customers because they support us and it is not worth our time to think if the customer is lying.

You have a missing item? Sure, here is the replacement and more. You broke a part? Sure here is the replacement. Why bother dissecting and investigating the situation while questioning the customer. 

This is our philosophy on how we treat our customers. Losing a few dollars to ship you the replacement item is not anywhere close than gaining the customers trust for their satisfaction and peace of mind. You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

I'm sure you have heard this phrase, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business. Maybe that's the problem. It is personal! We should care and find a win-win situation for each other.

That’s our first belief.

Our second belief - we believe in giving.

To date, we have given away one Monster Kit per week since January 2020 to families and schools that need help. That's 40+ kits. We are not selling anything as good as a Tesla so people should have a chance of trying out our products - especially people that might be struggling and we understand this since our price points might be a little high. Maybe they should give out Teslas for free every once in a while but that's just what we think.

We have also supported Hackathons and will be hosting an Arduino workshop at NextStep Hackathon from November 27th till November 30th..

So yeah, we have been busy.

We don't mean to toot our own horns too much but hey, we are building goodwill in this world and you should know about it. 

Which brings us to our core mission of being the force of good against evil. People are basically good and want to do good so we have a lot of support here and that is a blessing.

Our first mission is of course advancing the development of robotics technology.

Where are we going? 


mech minotaur

From No Mans Sky.

And here.

mech warriror

From Mech Warrior 5.

Japan has also really been productive lately.

We are going to be using mechs for the space industrial revolution and for entertainment. Imagine mech warrior arena the size of a small city. 5v5 mechs teamplay. The pilots are of course wirelessly piloting the mechs to keep them safe.

wireless robotics

Gaming superstars like these Counter Strike and Dota players are going to be the next “sports” legends by piloting and controlling warrior mechs in matchups in pre-set arenas. It’s going to be the most expensive sport in the world. This is also the future of wireless robotics.

robotics gladiator arena


We truly believe our customers are going to be the future engineers and builders of the GAR Mechs. 

To support this claim, look at our biggest fan -  Arduino Man. We did not ask him to make this video for us but nonetheless, he is giving a positive impact in this world.

No matter what you call it, Karma, The Source, Good Deeds, everything gets accounted for in the law of the universe and GAR wants to be a great contributing force of good in this universe.

Thank you to all our customers and supporters. We are always an email away so please reach out if you have questions about anything.

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