3 very cool and sexy Arduino projects you can appreciate

There are literally unlimited projects you can build with an Arduino. Here are 3 more projects that will spark your interest and creativity!

1. Arduino DIY CNC Drawing Machine

Mr. Innovative built this CNC Drawer with a Nano and two L239D Motor Driver, a servo and a couple stepper motors. As you can see in the video, this project is very small and not very expensive to build. This is the power of Arduino as you can build your own project with cheap or even scrap material. 

2. Kickass Robot Arm

Eric Ravenscraft built a classic robot arm that operates with Arduino. This is one of the most basic ways Arduino can be used in the robotics field. Everyone needs and arm and having a robot move things around for can save time and protect that sensitive backbone.

Arduino robot arm learning

According to the builder, "learning to build a robot arm will teach you how to program your Arduino and work with mowing parts". Its something tangible that can actually do something useful like grab that beer from the fridge or even hack your own Tesla. If you cant fight them, build them!

3. Arduino Cat-a-pult with Servo

We robots do not like cats, at least when they meow for food and his human came up with the perfect solution....life's good.

 At the basic level, the circuit and programming for this projects is very simple. The button activates the servo when pressed and releases the catapult. You can build a simple catapult. You can even attach an LED or buzzer to make a noise every time your cat comes steps  near the cat-a-pult.

We welcome you the Arduino world where everyone here is very inviting and enjoys sharing what they make. The robots appreciate the sharing and caring nature of humans and we hope to continue this awesome relationship into the long future.


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